7 reasons why your team will love Lean Coffee meetings

Here's why you should run your next team meeting (and the everything else) using the Lean Coffee format.

How to participate in a flowtopic Lean Coffee meeting

Learn what you need to know to be an effective participant in a flowtopic Lean Coffee meeting.

How to facilitate a flowtopic Lean Coffee meeting

Learn what you need to know to facilitate your first flowtopic Lean Coffee meeting.

Scrum Master interview questions

Like any role on your team, what people have on resumes doesn’t always tell the full story of their experience. With these scrum master interview questions, you’ll be able to dig deep on what’s important to your team so that you can find the best candidate for the job.

Easily merge topics to focus the conversation

In every Lean Coffee meeting there are always a few topics that are very similar. Instead of discussing them all separately, it's now easy to merge them into one topic.

Improving the discussion voting experience

Take the awkwardness out of interrupting your team members with an improved user experience for extending a topic.

Meetings are more fun with emojis 🙌 💪 😜

Add some 😊 to your next Lean ☕️ with easy to find emojis in your topics.

Easily add team members with the new auto-members feature

Now you can more easily add new team members to your Organization when they join flowtopic. It works with your verified email and only takes 30 seconds to setup.

Supercharge your facilitation skills with better voting controls

With specialized controls, the voting phase of a flowtopic meeting makes it easy to see who's voted and how many votes are left.