Meetings are more fun with emojis πŸ™Œ πŸ’ͺ 😜

Clayton Lengel-Zigich
By Clayton Lengel-Zigich • April, 30th 2022

Add some 😊 to your next Lean β˜•οΈ with easy to find emojis in your topics.

Who doesn’t like emojis?

Emojis are an easy way to add a little extra fun and personality to your topics. Now with slack-like support for emoji’s, it’s easy to find exactly the emoji you’re looking for.

How it works

When you’re adding your next topic, just start typing with a colon : and you’ll see a little dialog popup as you type to help you find the perfect emoji.

Once you’ve got the one you want, just click on it and your word is auto-magically replaced.

Super easy! βœ…


Is there a way we can make emojis even better? Let us know by reaching out [email protected].