A better way to run your next Lean Coffee™

flowtopic is purpose-built for running effective, productive, and delightful Lean Coffee™ style meetings with remote participants.

Facilitation made easy

Intiutive facilitator controls make it easy to run great meetings without a bunch of training. Keep the discussion flowing with simple time management and participant cues.

Reliable meeting rooms

Schedule standing meetings like 1:1's or weekly team syncs. Just drop the room's flow link in your calendar invite and participants can join and start meetings, even when you're running late or on vacation.

Robust access controls

Keep your meetings safe from prying eyes with a waiting room for unknown guests. Or make it private with a secret link. Feeling transparent? Public meetings are open to anyone.


Avoid painstaking vendor audits and a spot on the IT s**t list. Connect your flowtopic to your Organization's Identity Provider and get seamless SSO for your entire team.

Automagically add your team

Forget about invites. With flowtopic's auto-members feature enabled, anyone who signs up with a matching email address will automatically be added to your team.

Tease out thoughtful topics

Discover your teams' best topics with thoughtful discussion prompts. Only visible to the facilitator, you'll look like a facilitator extraordinare.

More fun with emojis

Add some fun to your next meeting with slack-like emoji support. Just start typing and find the perfect emoji to your topic.

Beautiful on mobile

Whether you're on a phone, tablet or desktop, flowtopic looks great on every device. Deliberately designed for meeting participants on the go, you don't need a huge screen to participate.

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