Improving the discussion voting experience

Clayton Lengel-Zigich
By Clayton Lengel-Zigich • April, 30th 2022

Take the awkwardness out of interrupting your team members with an improved user experience for extending a topic.

Awkward: Interrupting your team

A core loop in a Lean Coffee meeting involves voting to extend the discussion of a topic. When the original timebox runs out, the facilitator has to stop discussion and get a vote from the group. This can be pretty awkward, especially when the discussion is lively and participants are very engaged.

So, we’ve improved the user experience when a topic is up for a vote so you don’t have to awkwardly interrupt.

A new voting experience

When the facilitator decides that it’s time to vote, each participant is presented with two options:

  1. Continue discussing
  2. Stop discussing and move on

After the votes are tallied, the facilitator chooses to move to the next topic or continue the discussion. Just like before.

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Automatic extension voting

To make facilitating your Lean Coffee even easier, the voting prompt also pops up when the timer runs out. If the facilitator gets distracted, or is the one doing all of the talking, flowtopic is smart enough to tell the group it’s time to vote.


Is there a way we can make automatic voting even better? Let us know by reaching out [email protected].